Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Thinking ahead...Future Garden Plans

This year I thinned out my strawberries big time.  I'd grown sugar snap peas around a teepee trellis in the garden where I grow my strawberries and I only had a few strawberry plants left at the beginning of spring.  Now the entire bed is covered with plants.  I took out 20 or so plants to put in the holes of my cinder blocks but they just keep making runners and multiplying.  We have gotten quite a few strawberries, too.  I put some in pots and those have done okay.  They haven't made all that many strawberries.  I think it was beneficial to thin the plants some.  Next year I should probably add some compost to the bed.  I also need to remember to cut off the runners from the parent plants so that they put their energy into making berries instead of runners.

This fall I want to plant more dill to let flower.  Especially in the front flower beds.  I also want to plant basil in the front this summer and lots of chard and kale in the front flower bed this winter.  

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