Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Q is for Q-tips and Curly-Q piggy tails (Number 3)

Q is for Q-tips!  So easy.  We started off painting a letter Q using Q-tips.  I also had these pictures for them to paint if they wanted: http://therapyfunzone.net/blog/q-tip-painting-with-templates/

For the number 3 we focused on The Three Little Pigs, I found lots of variations on the story from our library but first read the basic story so that we could practice it.

We had fun acting out the story.  I planned to make piggy noses from egg cartons for the 3 pigs but didn't get around to it.  They wanted to act it out over and over again and got really good at the parts like "little pig, little pig, let me in...not by the hair on my chinny chin chin..then I'll huff..."

Then we experimented building our own houses out of different things: pretzel sticks, marshmallows, Legos, and used a blow dryer (big bad wolf) to see if the it could blow them down.  I got the idea here.

We then used these pictures to sequence the story.

And we made puppets for them to use to tell the story.  I printed them on cardstock.  They colored them, I cut them out and glued popsicle sticks on the them.

T is for Teeth

We had fun learning about T for Teeth.  We had a yummy and fun snack that the kids thought was so fun.  These apple smiles with marshmallows for teeth! :)

I got these books from the library to read.  I especially loved Clarabelle's Teeth!  Such a cute book!

I used these cute flannel board pictures to talk about how to take good care of our teeth by eating good foods.  They liked playing with them afterwards.

Then we "practiced" brushing with a toothbrush and toothpaste on a picture of a tooth I drew on construction paper.

Their favorite part was this fun game.  I cut out a mouth shape from pink paper and drew 16 small circles inside.  They placed a mini marshmallow on each circle.  Then they took turns rolling the dice and whatever number they rolled, they got to eat that many marshmallows.  The person to "loose" all their teeth first, won!  A great way to practice counting to 6.
The kids loved this fun treat!  Apple slices with peanut butter and marshmallow teeth.

Monday, March 16, 2015

R is for Rainbow/ St Patrick's Day

Our preschool day landed on St Patrick's Day so we combined the holiday with R is for Rainbow.  There are so many fun activities to do with both themes and I only had one day to do them but I plan on doing more of these with my son throughout the week. Here's the plan for our 3 hour preschool group (but not necessarily in this order):

Gathering:  Lucky clover rainbow necklaces
While they worked on these I helped each individually make a 4 leaf clover hand print


Game: Pot of Gold (Played like hot potato but with a pot of gold chocolate coins)
This link also has some great St Patty's Day printables

Art:  Suncatchers
Easy paint rainbows (this is a maybe)

Science:  This is something I will probably just do with my son on our own because I think it would be quite a mess with 6 preschoolers and my infant.  But I know he will like it.
Rainbow Jar
Magic Rainbows and Magic Milk Rainbows

Snack:  Rainbow fruits and veggies; Rainbow goldfish

Optional: Edible rainbow playdough

I also want to do these this week:
Color Hunt
Planting a rainbow: http://wildflowerramblings.com/homeschooling/planting-rainbow-literature-science-learning/
Rainbow art collages
Rainbow transperencies

Great printables for practicing letters

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

March menu

Tues 3/3- Quiche with swiss chard, Berry Salad
Wed 3/4- Chicken Salad with grapes and cashews on multigrain rolls, Kale Salad
Thurs- Blue and Gold Banquet
Fri- Pizza night
Sat- Chicken Brocc Casserole
Sun- Mel's Spaghetti Pie with chopped spinach in freezer, Breadsticks
Mon- Drumsticks and Red potatoes
Tues- Salmon Patties
Wed- Beef Stew
Thurs- Cafe Rio Salad
Fri- Pizza