Monday, March 16, 2015

R is for Rainbow/ St Patrick's Day

Our preschool day landed on St Patrick's Day so we combined the holiday with R is for Rainbow.  There are so many fun activities to do with both themes and I only had one day to do them but I plan on doing more of these with my son throughout the week. Here's the plan for our 3 hour preschool group (but not necessarily in this order):

Gathering:  Lucky clover rainbow necklaces
While they worked on these I helped each individually make a 4 leaf clover hand print


Game: Pot of Gold (Played like hot potato but with a pot of gold chocolate coins)
This link also has some great St Patty's Day printables

Art:  Suncatchers
Easy paint rainbows (this is a maybe)

Science:  This is something I will probably just do with my son on our own because I think it would be quite a mess with 6 preschoolers and my infant.  But I know he will like it.
Rainbow Jar
Magic Rainbows and Magic Milk Rainbows

Snack:  Rainbow fruits and veggies; Rainbow goldfish

Optional: Edible rainbow playdough

I also want to do these this week:
Color Hunt
Planting a rainbow:
Rainbow art collages
Rainbow transperencies

Great printables for practicing letters

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