Sunday, August 29, 2010

B is for Bear

We had a bear party! Bring all your teddy bears to read bear books and have Teddy Grahams. There are so many good bear books to find. You can also watch "Brother Bear".

For Math we sorted some gummy bears and charted them according to color.

This blog has some fun crafts to do with "Brown bear, brown bear"and "Polar Bear, Polar bear" :

C is for Cactus

Awesome cactus art crafts: Ours turned out great, as pictured above. I would love to find some good books to go along with this theme or you could turn this into a desert theme.

Homemade Memory Game

Alphabet Magnets

Cute Animal Sewing Pattern

I always thought sewing cards were fun as a kid. Here's a cute pattern to make some:

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Totally Tots ABC link

Thursday, August 26, 2010

B letter creations

We made these cute B's based on the blog below.

My son really enjoyed making a collage of pictures of things that start with B.

Upper case B:
Lower case b:

Monday, August 16, 2010

A is for ants

This is always one of my favorites. My boys love ants and find them fascinating so we check out lots of nonfiction books about ants to read. I made up a little book to go with "The Ants Go Marching" where the kids can use their fingerprints to make the correct number of ants for each page. We also like to make our own little ant family from egg cartons, pipe cleaners, googly eyes and anything else you'd like. And, of course, for a yummy snack, make ants on a log with celery as the log, cream cheese or peanut butter on top and ants (raisins) sprinkled on top. I've also heard of making an ant farm by scooping up an ant mound and putting it in a glass jar and then feeding them scraps but most of the ants around our house are fire ants and I don't even want to get that close! Some fun books are: "The Little Tiny Ant and the Great Big Crumb"

A is for apple

This was a yummy treat from the FamilyFun magazine.

This is a fun apple puzzle. We can also make applesauce or apple pie and make apple prints by cutting an apple in half and dipping it in tempera paint. Some books to go along with apples: Ten Red Apples by Virginia Miller, One Red Apple by ?

Upper & lowercase letter A crafts

This is a fun craft for learning the letter A. Lowercase is found here. Uppercase is found here.