Monday, August 16, 2010

A is for ants

This is always one of my favorites. My boys love ants and find them fascinating so we check out lots of nonfiction books about ants to read. I made up a little book to go with "The Ants Go Marching" where the kids can use their fingerprints to make the correct number of ants for each page. We also like to make our own little ant family from egg cartons, pipe cleaners, googly eyes and anything else you'd like. And, of course, for a yummy snack, make ants on a log with celery as the log, cream cheese or peanut butter on top and ants (raisins) sprinkled on top. I've also heard of making an ant farm by scooping up an ant mound and putting it in a glass jar and then feeding them scraps but most of the ants around our house are fire ants and I don't even want to get that close! Some fun books are: "The Little Tiny Ant and the Great Big Crumb"

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