Saturday, June 8, 2013

Teaching My Boys to Cook

This s meant to be an ongoing cookbook.  Each summer I intend to add on more favorites that we can practice making together.  I try to give each son a night to pick what they want to make and they are in charge of helping me make dinner.

My cookbook is found here: click here.

Friday, June 7, 2013

More Sewing

I've had some fun doing more sewing for my littlest munchkin!  Here's what else I've accomplished so far:
Lots of easy T-shirts!!  The middle one could go for PJs but they are play clothes.  I love that you don't even have to hem knit!  The other two I had the shorts for but he needed a good matching T-shirt.  I used the pattern from Sewing For Boys.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

I Love Baby Gifts!

I have had so much fun sewing for my new little niece.  I made the bag from Bunny Hill's pattern using some fabric I already had by Riley Blake and finding others at Joanne's to go with it.  I made the bapron from CINO's pattern.  I added some fabric to the front of the clothe diapers to fancy up some burp cloths and then made a changing pad (no- it's not a sleeping bag!) from my own design.  I used that water proof stuff in the Baby Boutique section and it seems like it will hold up really good.  Next time I won't use such thick batting because it's a little too bulky but it'll sure do the job!    

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Teacher Gifts: Flower Pots

My boys asked me if we could do the same teacher appreciation gifts this year as last year.  Since they had so much fun making them last year and their teachers really seemed to like it we went ahead and did the same thing.  I got some clay flower pots and they painted them with paint pens.  Then we put some cactus plants in them and stuck these notes on a wooden stick in the dirt.  They turned out cute, are inexpensive and my boys loved making them.  Plus it is something that THEY made and I think they teachers like that.  Here's the flowers I drew with: "If teachers were flowers, I'd pick you!" printed on them. 

Family Tradition: End of the Year Award Ceremony

We had our end-of-the-school-year celebration and awards ceremony on Monday night for Family Home Evening.  This is a new tradition we're starting.  My husband and I picked out 6 things about each of our son that they have accomplished or done in the past year.  Some of them were funny and some were more serious.  Then I had fun finding little things to go with each of them.  Our boys loved it!!  They were so excited to find out what their awards were.  Some of our awards were:  Torpedo Award (fast swimmer on swim team and I got some torpedo toys to play with in the pool), Hardworking Speller (smarties), Bookworm Award (gummy worms), Best Giggle (Laffy Taffy), Musician Award (play recorder), Best Pet Owner Award (swedish fish- we have a fish), etc.  The Dollar Store comes in really handy for these kinds of things!

Then we enjoyed these graduation cupcakes. (I snagged the plain cupcakes from Walmart for 40% off and added a Reeses, cut up Hersheys and Twizzler)en we enjoyed these graduation cupcakes. (I snagged the plain cupcakes from Walmart for 40% off and added a Reeses, cut up Hersheys and Twizzler).