Friday, November 26, 2010

H is for Home

We read some great books about building a home and then we turned a box into a house. I let him paint it inside and out and design where the windows and doors go. We also read "Hermit Crab finds a Home" by Eric Carle. We talked about different kinds of homes and what homes animals live in. Then we looked through magazines to find animals and their homes.

Another great book is the "Napping House" by Audrey Wood.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

S is for stars

Check out Sept or Oct 2010 archives for this cute star craft

St Patrick's Day

K is for Kite

R is for rain

B is for butterfly/ C is for caterpillar

Cute caterpillar and butterfly preschool ideas!

S is for strawberries

More great ideas for strawberries in June 2010 archives:

S is for shadow and sundial

She has lots of fun ideas in June 2010 archives including making a sundial.

Cereal Box Workbooks

I thought these were a great idea for summertime and preschool general learning.

Monday, November 15, 2010

the letter G

We traced the letter g with glitter and then read "Stanley Mows the Lawn" by Craig Frazier a great book with lots of green and grass. Then we made a capitol G colored it green and glued grass on it (leftover from Easter baskets).

Another fun book with G words are "Go, Go Gorillas" by Julia Durango.

Monday, November 8, 2010

H activities

"The Hippo-NOT-amus" by Tony and Jan Payne was such a great book. We all loved it! We read this and then did some hippo crafts found on the website.

We also did H for hand and read "Parts" by Ted Arnold. Then we traced his hands and talked about all the things our hands can do.

Glitter Guitar

G is for giraffe

A fun book about giraffes is "Giraffes can't dance" by Giles Andreae

G is for grow

We talked about how all living things grow. We looked at baby books and pictures to see how he's grown. Then we planted a seed and watched it grow over the week. Some good books we read were: "I'm Growing" by Aliki, "Now I'm Big" by Margaret Miller and "Growing Like Me" by Anne Rockwell.