Sunday, May 3, 2015

Menu & Goals for the week plus sale trends I've noticed

I need to keep track of when things go on sale.  The past few weeks pork shoulder roast has been on sale for 99 cents a lb.  Around Easter butter went on sale for $1.99 and eggs for 99 cents a dozen.  Strawberries also went on sale for 88 cents on week.  Pot Roast is on sale right now for $2.49/lb.

This past week was a crazy one with my hubby having surgery and multiple doctor appointments so I'm a bit behind but here are my goals for the week:

Fertilize all plants & plum tree
Get more cinder blocks to finish lasagna garden.  Plant strawberries in holes.
Make trellis
Keep on look out for snails and slugs
Weed around border
Take pictures!!!
Make fall garden plans

Kitchen goals:
Make yogurt
Make pinto beans
Make granola
Make Rosemary Olive Bread (from theprudenthomemaker)

Exercise daily
Read a book
Practice the piano

Keep up with scripture reading
Family trip to the temple grounds

Family History:
Update blog

Monday- White Bean and Tuna Salad with homemade Wheat Crackers
Fruit and Cottage Cheese

Tuesday:Fauxtiserie Chicken (our best bites), Mashed Potatoes and Gravy (in freezer from smothered pork chops), green salad or green veggie

Wednesday:  Baked Chimichangas

Thursday: Black Bean and Pumpkin Chili, cornbread

Friday- Pizza Night

Saturday- Baked Spaghetti

Sunday- Kalua Pork

Monday- BBQ Pork

Tuesday- Jambalaya

Wednesday- Stuffed shells

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