Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Garden Goals & Goals for the Week

I like the idea of documenting my goals for the week like the prudent homemaker does on her blog.  I think it keeps me more accountable and helps me organize my time and be able to look back and remember what I did at certain times of the year or what was accomplished.  (Wow!  That was quite the run-on sentence!)  So here are my goals for this week:


  • Plant Armenian cucumbers, bunching onions in the blackberry bed and lima beans, pole beans, and jade bush beans in far sunny bed.  Also plant nasturtiums around tomatoes and a few sunflowers in front flower bed and butterfly garden.
  • Weed around plum tree.
  • Weed butterfly garden and far sunny garden.
  • Add border to blackberry garden.
  • Fertilize tomatoes, strawberries, plum tree, front flower bed, and peppers.  Fertilize pomegranate with whey from homemade yogurt.
  • Spray peppers for slugs and set out snail trap.
  • Deadhead blanket flower and keep for seeds.
  • Trim rosemary, bulbs and tidy up butterfly garden.
  • Take pictures!

Frugal goals:

  • Cut boys' hair
  • Make granola, homemade yogurt.
  • Cook beans and freeze for future.
  • Plan menus for two weeks.
  • Go through clothes for next size for Levi


  • Finish baby gift.
  • Maybe start Evie's sundress.
  • Find a bonnet to make for her (free pattern?)

Family History:

  • Catch up on blog


  • Help boys catch up on scouts
  • Play games with Levi; guide him in his chores daily
  • Start planning summer goals/activities


  • Record scripture study and impressions in journal.  Look for patterns as to what the Spirit is teaching me and specifically ask what I need to learn.


  • Make flashcards for piano student.
  • Find and make copies of Primary songs for students.


  • Do exercise daily.


  • Update 72 hour kits
  • Create a cleaning schedule that will work

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