Thursday, January 8, 2015

Preschool Bird Week

Great Preschool Packet here!

Read "Migration"
Make Winter Birds art project (need white paint, brown, red construction paper)
Talk about different birds
Bird Flashcards to play a card game

Where do birds live?
Read "The Best Nest"
Fingerprint Egg Nests to practice counting
Watch :  and make Paper Nests (need paper bags)
Make edible nests: (need chow mein noodles and peanut M&Ms)
Birdhouse Puzzle to practice number sequence

What do birds eat?
Read "There's a Bird on your Head"
Make bird feeders :
Hang up to watch throughout the week.
"Eat like a bird"  (mini tongs, goldfish, spaghetti for worms, berries, sunflower seeds, dried fruit)

Read "Wild Birds"
Sort Feathers & Paint with Feathers :
(Need paint, feathers)
Make Cheerio Worms (need pipe cleaners, cheerios and googly eyes)

More Bird Books:

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