Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wallets & Money

We had a fun impromptu learning experience today. I'd seen an idea a few months ago in the FamilyFun magazine on making a wallet from a used juice carton. Today we decided to make one and they turned out really cool! It was more of a Mom-does-the-craft-while-kids-watch craft but they were excited about how it turned out. I let them have a few pennies to carry around in it but they kept falling out and getting lost. Eventually, I decided to make money from construction paper and teach them a small lesson in counting and values at the same time. Then we set up a little store for them to go shopping at. I'd saved some cereal boxes, granola bar boxes, oatmeal tubs, herbs containers, etc that I cleaned out and they set up a store in our living room. They loved pretending to go to the checkout and use their money.

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