Thursday, May 23, 2013

Lifesaver- How to get crayon out from a load of laundry

I know I am very lucky that in the 9+ years of raising boys I have never had a crayon sneak through my wash.  But today broke my lucky streak and it wasn't pretty!  I am really bad about checking pockets for things and evidently a yellow crayon was hidden away somewhere in my piles of sheets and miscellaneous lights.  When I was folding them I thought it was paint splotches (my kids have been working on teacher's gifts) but when I saw the empty crayon wrapper it hit me these were melted crayon spots all over my laundry!!  (Which is probably a good thing that it wasn't paint!)  So I googled it (what did we do before internet?  Probably bugged Mom more often!) and found this great and simple solution at Diary of a Doctor's Wife.  A true lifesaver!  We probably would have just lived with yellow spotted sheets and T-shirts but now we don't have to!  This worked perfectly.  I did have to repeat all steps twice.

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